Welcome to a Bio of the artist...

Born in Banff, Scotland in 1965, Eileen Anne Khulsin Roberts is a self taught, self representing artist that works mainly in oils. She now paints under the name of 'Khulsin'.
Growing up, Eileen was always a bit of a dreamer and notes, "Nothing made me happier than looking in wonder at the colours of the landscape, the flow of the water, touch of the sun on my skin, or the ever changing seasons, which seemed to me to be repainting the world. Mother nature is indeed an artist and colour was our secret language..."

Between 1985 and 2000, she was a partner in several business ventures, working as an artist, printer and signwriter, always longing to be able to simply paint, which was her passion.

Eileen's early work, in acrylics, graphites etc was determined, for the most part by her living conditions, homeless by the age of 21 for a total of seven years, she brought up her family without basic facilities such as running water, electricity, drainage or telephone. These were very challenging times for the artist, who got through it by escaping into her dream world and painting a better one for herself, ably represented by her painting, 'Freedom'.

She exhibited several times in the locality over those years and is pleased to say that her paintings are now in several private collections across Scotland.

Eileen's paintings, style and palette are inspired by her dreams. Humour and positivity her role models.

After suffering a subarachnoid haemorrhage in 2000, she now paints with the altered sensation of her left arm running through her right (painting) arm.

She is now back living in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and starting to paint again with renewed vigour, so 'turn' the page and see all that she can offer you....

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